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Learning 2030: Knowledge for All

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Agenda Plus: Competitive Varsity Arts?

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Tuncay Babali: Turkey Ascendant

Across the Aegean Sea lies Turkey: a nation with a thriving economy, strategically nestled between East and West and showing ambitions of living up to its geopolitical potential. What lies ahead for Turkey and what role does Canada play in those plans? Turkey’s Ambassador to Canada, Tuncay Babali, visits The Agenda for a frank discussion on Turkish and Canadian affairs. (Recorded on May 31, 2013.)

Agenda Plus: George Papandreou

Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou on the worrisome rise of the extremism in Greece, in the form of Golden Dawn, a far-right political party. 

George Papandreou: Greece, Behind the Crisis

He was the third Papandreou to become prime minister of Greece in his family’s very storied history. But his two-year tenure at the top was perhaps the most tumultuous in Greece’s history. Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou visits The Agenda to talk about Greece, Greeks, and the crippling sovereign debt that led to the most painful and perhaps counter-productive austerity measures ever seen in a Western economy.

Keeping Hope Alive in Somalia

In 1983, Dr. Hawa Abdi opened a rural clinic outside of Mogadishu, Somalia. But in the early 1990s, the Somali government collapsed, famine struck, and aid groups fled. Since then, her clinic has grown into a hospital with over 400 beds. She has built a school, and her 1,300 acres of farmland have been turned into a camp that has sheltered as many as 90-thousand displaced people. Hawa Abdi and her daughter and fellow doctor Deqo Mohammed sit down with Steve Paikin to discuss Abdi’s memoir, “Keeping Hope Alive.”

Agenda Plus: Gezi Park Protest In Turkey

David Erwin of The Agenda discusses the Gezi Park protest in Turkey with Erhan Dogan, researcher and lecturer at Marmara University, in the department of political science and international relations, in Istanbul, Turkey. 

The Agenda’s Week in Review

From pension pluses and pension panic, to the future of faith in a modern world, to Rob Ford vs. the media, The Agenda’s Week in Review.